‘Revenue Assurance’ refers to the collective set of activities that need to be performed by suppliers in order to generate the anticipated revenue following the sales process, i.e. post-signature. Recent developments in the procurement landscape have driven home the need for large suppliers to approach revenue assurance in an integrated manner. Traditional revenue assurance models do not support this integrated approach.

Sirion Revenue Assurance addresses the limitations of traditional revenue assurance models by integrating all the key disciplines on a single platform and serving as a single source of truth for suppliers and customers alike. By aligning the delivery, finance and contract functions tightly, Sirion enables you to:

  • Reduce revenue leakage by as much as 10% of ACV and boost profitability in your enterprise accounts 
  • Drive 100% compliance to your contractual obligations with real-time visibility into obligations and performance data
  • Strengthen relationships with transparent metrics and objective data

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