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  • guest expert
  • Andrew Bartels
  • Vice President and Principal Analyst | Forrester
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  • Ajay Agrawal
  • Co-founder & CEO | SirionLabs

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Key phases in the evolution of contract management technology


Strengths and gaps in traditional contract management technology


How to identify the right contract management system for your organization’s needs


Scanning of paper contracts to its digital equivalent was a good start to the traditional contract management technology in the 1990s. This was when organizations primarily purchased goods and the internet browser was just getting invented. 

In the past 20 years, the procurement portfolio of Fortune 500 companies has undergone a significant change. Services have emerged ahead of goods and commodities as the predominant spend category, and thus contracts have become more complex and dynamic.

However, traditional contract management technology has been slow to evolve from its roots of acting as a static repository and has failed to meet the demands of today’s procurement mix. As a result, businesses have not seen the desired impact on their contractual relationships despite investing millions of dollars and significant implementation effort.

Join us for this webinar to discover how unified, intelligent, and smart contract management technologies can help modern procurement buyers improve business outcomes and minimize value leakage in contracts through enhanced transparency and collaboration with suppliers.

Meet our Speakers

Andrew Bartels
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Andrew is a leading expert on tech market trends and sizing, cloud and smart computing technologies, tech budget benchmarks and processes, and tech's impact on business operations. He also researches the growing customization of tech systems for industry-specific solutions for utilities, energy, government, education, and professional services sectors. He is a thought leader in buy-side technologies and business networks.

Andrew has been with Forrester for 15 years, starting with Giga Information Group which Forrester acquired in 2003.

Ajay Agrawal
Co-founder & CEO, SirionLabs

Ajay is co-founder and CEO at SirionLabs. Ajay has been a securities lawyer and a product visionary in the strategic legal technology space for more than 20 years. Ajay founded UnitedLex Corporation in 2006 – a global leader in the legal process outsourcing and strategic legal technology space – and led the company through a period of explosive, profitable growth creating more than $100mn in enterprise value in 4 years.

In addition to his role at SirionLabs, Ajay serves as an entrepreneur-in-residence at CodeX, the Center for Legal Informatics at Stanford University. Ajay received an LL.M. from Columbia University, an LL.B. from Trinity College, Cambridge, and a B.A. in Semiotics from Brown University.

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