Global organizations deploy procurement software to promote standardization in their procurement processes. Benefits are seen in the form of process consistency and price discipline across the supply base. While beneficial for non-strategic procurement engagements, this proves to be counter-productive for strategic sourcing engagements.

Strategic sourcing relationships need special care due to their high value and complex nature. Post-signature supplier management is critical for such engagements. Traditional procurement systems, with their pre-signature focus, are incapable of distinguishing between strategic and generic relationships. Download this paper to understand how a specialized supplier management tool in combination with a standard procurement tool can help you balance the divergent needs of strategic and generic sourcing engagements.

 Key Takeaways:

  • The dual challenge of achieving standardization for generic suppliers while addressing the specialized needs of strategic suppliers

  • A comparison of Sirion (focused on post-signature functionality) with traditional procurement tools (focused on pre-signature functionality)

  • Getting your technology combination right to manage the diverse needs of strategic and generic sourcing engagements

Whitepaper - Hunting Mice while the Elephants run Wild
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