SolutionMap by Spend Matters is a comprehensive benchmarking framework that compares contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution provider capabilities based on organizational needs. This is a valuable resource for organizations exploring the market for a contract management platform.

Download the latest Fall 2021 edition of the report to discover how various CLM providers stack up against each other. 

This latest report marks the eighth consecutive time SirionLabs has been ranked as a ‘Value Leader’ – the highest ranking in the analysis, indicating both high customer and analyst scores. SirionLabs consistently outscores other providers through its superior combination of:

  • Advanced, AI-powered capabilities across the complete contracting lifecycle, and
  • The ability to translate superior functionality into tangible benefits for clients including business acceleration, risk mitigation and improved value realization.

Unlike previous editions, Spend Matters no longer assesses companies based on four user personas (Deep, Configurator, Turn-Key, and CIO-Friendly), but rather maps them based on customer size (Large, Mid and SME). SirionLabs is ranked as a CLM leader in the Large (revenues greater than $1 billion/year) and Mid (revenues $250 million - $1 billion/year) Personas.

[Report] CLM SolutionMap by Spend Matters Fall 2021 – SirionLabs is a Value Leader
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