With the emergence of services and other complex, outcome-driven transactions, most enterprises today struggle to effectively handle the increased contract management complexity in their sell-side and buy-side engagements. Traditional contract management technology, with its truncated view of the contracting lifecycle that pretty much ends at signature, proves to be ineffective in this environment.

This report by Spend Matters analyzes how Sirion addresses these challenges through an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that combines core CLM capabilities of contract authoring and repository with advanced post-signature functionality such as real-time performance management, auto invoice validation, relationship management and BI-powered analytics.

Download this report to discover how Sirion is redefining the contract management technology space. Report includes Spend Matters’ analysis on:

  1. Sirion’s core strengths as a contract management platform
  2. What makes Sirion a customer favorite
  3. How Sirion beats the benchmark in various contract management disciplines
  4. Scenarios where Sirion is a good fit
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